Meet the Artist

Kym Vanover is a recent addition to the Jackson Square Artist Colony. Previously studying and showing in Mobile, AL. she made a decision to go full time with her artist endeavor in 2008. Making an assessment of the many opportunities for artist in the south eastern United States she concluded that the beautiful city of New Orleans would be the place for her to successfully show and sell her original paintings.

Artist Statement

"I am an artist that loves to learn and I feel like every time I come in contact with paint I have a new discovery. I believe for the most part, a painting is a conversation between the artist and the canvas that they allow you to ease drop in on. Owning a piece of art is like owning a piece of that artist. I still get a little high when someone wants to buy one of my paintings.

I attribute my, "Art as a Career," choice to five people who have been positive voices and great helps in my life. First of all, my friend Glen who has been a source of encouragement for years, some of the Mobile local artist that have sewn into my life are my long time friends Jan Horton and Rebecca McIntyre who always encouraged me, Randy Moberg, what can I say, I weep when I watch him paint or look at his creations. Last but far from least is Heather Pettersen, definitely a driving force in my life. Thank you all for helping me find and pursue my place in this world.

Those of you who have bought pieces from me, I thank you very much for supporting the arts and believing in me and what I do!!!!"


Though mostly taught by trial and era there have been other artists in her life that have shared their encouragement, techniques, critiques, and even supplies, with her along the journey she has embarked on. Her thankfulness is shown in a method of, "Paying it Forward," therefore any time or resources she can lend to fellow upcoming artist she is delighted to give.

While you will see many different styles and techniques in Kym's work the one she holds most dear is her collage pieces. They are an expression of a certain mood or truth that she is either expressing for herself or through conversations with other people. One of her greatest enjoyments in the studio is to create a specific collage that she has been commissioned to do. She has done this using the commissioner's favorite quotes, original poetry, specific genders, individual race, chosen career, and even including a particular photo that had special memories. If you want a piece designed just for you feel free to contact her, she would be more than happy to create a collage that expresses your heart.